How to install/setup language pack in Magento

Are you confused with installing language pack in Magento? Don’t be its too easy 😉

In this post we will go through

Installing language pack in Magento

Step 1 : Select the language you want to set on your website. Download the desired language pack from this link Language Packs

Step 2 : Put the language pack folder in app/locale. Suppose we are installing a spanish language pack so the name of the folder would be es_ES.

Step 3 : Create a new store view for your language. Suppose for spain Goto System->Manage Stores->Create Store View. Add the name, code, status and priority of your store.

Step 4 : Configure your language with your store view. Goto System->Configuration->General->General. Follow the steps as below screenshot.

Select the newly created store.

Select relevant Locale and save it. For our case its spain so i have selected spain.

Step 5 : Thats it. Now goto frontend and enjoy your multi lingual website. Though to display the flag as shown in the screenshot you need to do little programming. I’ll try to cover it in future.


In Next tutorial i’ll post how to do custom inline translations for backend and frontend in Magento. Please leave your comments and suggestion below.


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